Levels of evidence may not be feasible with this qualitative research because of the technically immeasurable nature of pain as a phenomenon; however, we can utilize descriptive evidences to indicate the truth somehow; the suggestive possibility or probability of the hypothesis; and/or the definitely or evidently conclusive relationship between the phenomenon and the truth as evidenced from our random vignettes and more conclusive success stories featuring personalities who overcame the pain of challenges in order to bring out their bests and deliver entirely different characters in them.

                          High Level of Evidence in Breaking through Pain

The Artist’s Pain as seen evident in his own self-expression of his image .

A Self Portrait: Bienvenido Bones Banez, Jr.

He was a special boy, born out of wedlock between a lawyer and his servant maid. His father was a known womanizer being a man of power and money. From him, Bien learned his ways of sophistication and philosophical thinking; from his mother, he learned the values of religion, spirituality and humility. This background made him a thinker in between opposing directions, which has become evident in his later works, as a surrealist artist.

As a child, he was a stutterer with learning disability, enough for children to bully, ridicule and avoid. He was a victim of painful experiences enough to make him brave and excel in a different medium of expression, the arts: drawing, sculpture, piano in personal style and painting. His subjects are demons, devil, death, world sinner and prophecies about Satan. His philosophy makes him believe that Satan visionary and surrealist in “ Paradise Lost” is a powerful artist whose works are designed for strong people to lose and sin. His evil plans are camouflaged in beautiful temptations.

As an artist, you can see Bien's  perceptions of pain in a deeper meaning, embodied in an artful expression of his subjects in a perfect blend of bright colors hiding satanic figures into 666 Art World and other devilish imaginations. His works depict the perfect colors of pain. His self portrait displays his own perception of pain.

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