The process of fact finding and data gathering to illustrate the phenomenon of pain is very interesting. It does not follow a specific protocol or quantitative formula but rather a thoughtful consideration of factors relating to an individual’s recollection of their pain as narrated by them either in a public or private setting. This qualitative study gains insight into one’s pain either from their straight forward admittance or suggestive insinuation of painful experiences.

This informal methodology becomes a scientific process to illustrate the hypothesis arising from the vignettes and therefore provide a valid consensus to the truth behind the phenomenon of pain.

Privacy Guidelines:

While we want to present the true colors and human drama of pain in a qualitative research based on true to life facts and experiences, we want to safeguard the privacy and interest of our subjects. Therefore, with great respect and admiration for their courage to share their stories, we will maintain their anonymity and rights to privacy, unless written or verbally expressed by them.

For vignettes and other short stories based on true to life experiences to validate our conclusions and hypothesis, we will change some details like names, places and times and eliminate other identifiers to maintain their privacy.