Pain according to Ron Hubbard

The founder of Scientology, Ron Hubbard has numerous writings on life philosophies. With this legacy all over the world, it is highly evident that his teachings are founded on truth, otherwise, how can millions of people believe these teachings blindly? There is no doubt that quantitatively, there is truth in the foundation of Scientology, just as Muslims, Christians and other groups and cultures.

Scientology is the science of knowing what is there to be known. This body of knowledge puts man in control of his life and its direction. Not knowing is ignorance and thus a limiting factor in living a full life.

Why do we think Ron Hubbard researched and studied life? Could it be that he discovered life as fascinating and personal, enjoyed and fell in love with his own life, played with his mind, mastered it and shared this wisdom to humanity?

One of his teachings include an essential basic truth that “Man is a spiritual being endowed with abilities well beyond those which he normally envisages. He is not only able to solve his own problems, accomplish his goals and gain lasting happiness, but also to achieve new states of awareness he may never have dreamed possible.”

His greatest life discoveries include the reactive mind in the phenomenon of pain. This is where man’s pains, problems, stresses, unhappiness and self-doubt are stored in his consciousness to bury them to be relieved temporarily of its burden, unknowing that this stored pain will come back and haunt him with more pain than ever. He believed that pain is a part of life of which he has power with to overcome and should be dealt with accordingly the soonest possible. This is the theory behind his Dianetics, a school of the mind for self-help preservation.

In our efforts to break through pain, the study will be biased without these studies of Ron Hubbard. Must his theory be true that psychologists today, promote the importance of bringing soldiers with traumatic experiences in places where they got traumatized, like Afghanistan? These are mind bogglers that probably are true to imprison the mind that we need to unleash to be free. 

Life is Pain born with man

While the world is beautiful, it is a scary one for a newborn. As he is out of the womb, he cries the loudest, coming from a small being. His cry is that of pain, fear and helplessness. While this first cry is considered by scientists and doctors to be a protective inherent reflex for survival and is important from the physiologic point of view, it is the most painful human expression and the most universal sign of pain.

Why does a newborn baby cry, unlike the puppy or any other baby animal? Is this a sign of human intelligence? Does this indicate how intelligent human beings are to recognize the difference in their environment, and feel endangered? Does this show man’s rebellious nature, susceptibility and fallibility? Does this indicate human nature to be negative and resistant to change? There could be a lot of reasons, but we just have to guess, as babies have a mind of their own. Our hypothesis remains as closest, but not quite.