We are featuring short stories from interviews relating experiences that depict strong feelings from both the subject and the interviewer to believe that further meaning and answers will be made apparent, if not obviously presented or implied in these anecdotal episodes.

Upon further considerations and mind mapping, there is a resulting question that needs to be answered. If we can find the answers, we surely learn from them and make conclusions; otherwise, we will constantly remain in search for the truth in the hypothesis, based from similar experiences, even after the fact, now or years later.

Of hunger, thirst and anguish

This is the story of Dave, in the battlefield of Korea, circa 1950’s. He is only 19, but without food, water and sleep for three days, his body was soon to give up. With the faintest spirit, he whispered to God, “Take me home, let me die.” How he got an answer, he can’t remember, but in his mind, it was clearly said, “Not yet…you have your family and friends waiting for you.” Then he felt something strange, like a rush of adrenaline in his body, the pain was gone, he was no longer hungry or thirsty, he was totally feeling good in both body and mind. He was recalled to go home shortly after.

With hunger, thirst and anguish, Dave received an unexplainable strength to live and move on. How can we explain such phenomenon in the wake of modern science? Don’t we need food for hunger and water for thirst? Is adrenaline our biggest reserve for survival, or the faith and spirituality in us? What stimulates this adrenaline and spiritual strength in such a desperate life and death situation?