We are inviting hospitals, clinics, schools and corporate offices to sponsor our Pain Studies. We need partners to promote our vision of a culturally-sensitive, and personalized pain management through enhanced self preservation techniques and self discovery.
In return we are going to give conferences and short programs to promote and maintain mental health and fitness in the workplace and/or in your organization. We will do these while our paintings and other works of arts are on display in your lobbies. We will brand the Exhibit to fit your organization’s culture and philosophy.
Similarly, we will put up exhibits and poster board presentations in conferences for both health, medical and nursing groups. This will put awareness to our efforts in “ Breaking Through Pain ”.

Thank you for your support in our mission to promote a world with lesser pain, indeed a wonderful happy world in full colors: DOLORES: The Colors of Pain . Let us break through pain so that we can bring out the best in us. A man’s triumph over pain is a sweet success!

Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN

Our Sponsors & Partners:

Kinding Sindaw www.kindingsindaw.org
The Nursing Office.Com Taking Care of Nurses
Yoga Nurse.Com www.yoganurse.com